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Clearing Your Browser Cache

If Boddle runs slow on your device, you can make it run faster by clearing your browsing data.

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You can follow the steps below to clear your browser cache on your specific web browser.


  1. Click on the Chrome Menu button

  2. Hover your mouse over the "More Tools" menu item and click "Clear Browsing Data" in the sub-menu

  3. Select "All Time" and click "Clear Data"


  1. Click the "Settings and More" button

  2. Select "Settings" on the menu

  3. Click on "Privacy, Search, and Services"

  4. Click on "Choose what to clear"

  5. Select what you'd like to clear, and click "Clear Now"


  1. Click on the "Safari" menu

  2. Click on the "Clear History" menu item

  3. Change the dropdown to "All History" and click "Clear History"


  1. Click the menu button and select Settings

  2. Select Privacy and Security

  3. Scroll to the Cookies and Site Data section, and click Clear Data

  4. Check Cached Web Content and select Clear

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