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Click here to change game/sound settings, link an account to Google or Clever, and invite a parent/guardian via email.

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To change your game settings:

Click the Gear Icon in the top right corner of the Home Screen

  • The Gear Icon controls your sound and graphics settings

  • The Boddle Head Icon shows your username and password

  • The People Icon allows you to connect a parent

To find the game settings once logged in to your Boddle account, look to your dashboard's top right-hand corner. See the gear icon? Click it! A pop-up will open with three tabs: a settings gear, a Boddle icon, and a people icon.

Clicking on the settings gear icon will allow you to change the volume of the game music and sounds and the quality of the graphics. If you have trouble hearing a question read aloud to you when you click the speaker button, try turning up the sound settings.

Turning the graphic settings down might help Boddle run faster if you have a slow internet connection. When you are done playing Boddle, you can also logout from this menu.

The Boddle icon menu will allow you to link your account to Google or Clever (if it’s not linked already). You can also change your username and password by clicking the pencil icons.

To invite a parent or guardian, click on the people icon and type in your parent/guardian’s email address. Click Send Invite, and they will be emailed an invitation to link to your Boddle account.

To get back to playing the game, click the red ‘x’ to close the settings menu.

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