Math Facts - Set Automatic Math Fact Practice from the Teacher Portal

How to enable Math Facts to automatically deliver daily practice.

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To set Math Facts for your students:

Select the Classroom Tab on the leftClick Manage Math Facts at the bottom of the page Select Edit for Multiple Students

About Math Facts

Math facts are fact fluency practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Teachers can set math facts to automatically deliver fact fluency practice daily for a set number of minutes.

Enabling Math Facts

Let’s enable math facts, starting from your Teacher Home page. Click on the classroom you’d like to set math facts for. In the center of the page, click "Manage Math Facts." This will open the Math Fact Fluency page to set parameters.

Select "Edit for multiple students" at the top to set for multiple students at once.

Math Facts can be set for 1-30 minutes of daily practice. They can also be set to prioritize over assignments which means students will complete the fact fluency practice first, and then the program will transition them back to their assignments or learning path automatically.

After math facts are set, they will automatically apply when students sign in. Once they meet the required amount of time, they will automatically transition to active assignments or their Boddle learning path.

Adjusting Math Fact Parameters

To edit math fact settings, first, navigate to the Math Fact Fluency page by clicking on "Manage Math Facts" on the Classroom page.

You can edit settings for a student by selecting "Edit Settings" to the right of their name or edit for multiple students by clicking the blue edit button at the top of the page.

When you're happy with your parameters, press the blue “Finish Editing” button to save changes.

Happy teaching!

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