Unlocking New Styles

How to unlock different styles to customize your Boddle character even more!

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You can unlock new styles in your Backpack by collecting multiple copies of an item or purchasing an upgrade with Boddle Bucks!

Did you know that you can unlock new styles for many of your Boddle’s outfits, headgear, accessories, and furniture? That’s right! There are so many options available, and they’re all really awesome!

In your Backpack, you can see which items have available styles, which upgrades you currently have, and how to unlock ones you might not have yet. When clicking on that item, you’ll also see how many of that item you currently have in your Backpack in the lower right-hand corner of the Preview screen.

For example, I purchased the black ponytail from the Shop and later unlocked the blue ponytail style. I don’t own the yellow ponytail yet, but I can see how to unlock it by clicking on that style on the Preview screen.

You can also see all the style options for items in the Boddle Shop. Just click on an item to see all the options available and how to acquire them.

You’ll notice colored outlines of the styles: green is common, blue is rare, pink is epic, and yellow is legendary. The higher the item’s rarity, the more expensive it is. There’s also a checkmark indicating that you own that style and a lock if you don’t.

Styles can be unlocked by using Boddle Bucks or acquiring multiple copies of an item through gameplay, the Shop, or anywhere else you find items!

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