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Quick Fixes: A Teacher's FAQ for Common Game Errors
Quick Fixes: A Teacher's FAQ for Common Game Errors

Experiencing some weird game glitches? Here's how to resolve them!

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While we strive for perfection, our game may occasionally encounter hiccups. Rest assured, we’re here to empower teachers with solutions for common classroom errors.

Students see a "Retrying" error when signing in through Google or Clever

At times, Google or Clever Single Sign-On has a hard time redirecting to the game.

Solution: Have students enter their username and password directly on to log in.

I assigned a specific skill, but my students are only seeing basic math questions

Math Facts are set to prioritize over assignments.

Solution: Turn off Math Facts or set assignments to prioritize first.

  1. Click "Manage Math Facts" on the Classroom Page

  2. Click "Edit for Multiple Students"

  3. Click "Turn off Math Facts" or "Prioritize Assignments"

The game crashes when students try to battle each other on Pet Battles

Solution: Make sure students have clicked through all of the Pet Battles Tutorials before trying to battle a friend.

I don't see Boddle Racers on my Classroom Page/Students can't play Boddle Racers

Our newest game mode, Boddle Racers, has been taking a break for extended maintenance. We know you've been eagerly awaiting this feature, and we thank you for your patience and support during this pit stop. You may have noticed that:

  • Teachers currently do not have the option to host live races on their Classroom page.

  • Students are temporarily unable to host races or play in Grand Prix mode.

Our dedicated team is hard at work implementing fixes not only for Boddle Racers but also for the platform as a whole.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us via the Live Chat or at if you need additional help!

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