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How do showings work as a seller?
How do showings work as a seller?
How will buyers book a viewing of my home? How will agents book a showing of my home?
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The short answer: However you would like! (with a few helpful guidelines of course)

When you list your home with us, it gets listed on MLS, Zillow, and 100+ other sites for maximum exposure. Your personalized listing ads (Facebook, Instagram and Google) guide buyers directly to your listing as well.

Agents like to book using their own tool;), you will receive these requests via email.

No matter where the buyer finds your listing, once you have received the request, you will be able to accept, decline or reschedule the requested appointed.

Best part - you made this schedule yourself!

It is up to you how you would like to handle the showing itself. If you would like to host or simply wait outside or at the coffee shop - do, whatever works for you that day!

Here is how buyers find and book viewings on your home:

  1. At the top of the homepage, they will click "buy" then "find a home", they arrive at the search page.

  2. From here they can narrow in the properties they are looking for by using our filters or type in specific addresses.

3. Once they see what they like (your home), they click"View Listing", if they search a specific address, they will just land right on your page:).

4. From your listing page, buyers can "ask a question," "book a viewing," or "make an offer.", any communication from potential buyers goes straight to you, no middlemen, as it should be!

5. Buyers will be presented with the options YOU have provided to book a time that already works with your calendar. You simply, accept, reject or reschedule! You will receive these requests via email from both Bōde and the agent tool for booking viewings!

It's that easy!

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