Bonnet allows electric car drivers to charge on EV (electric vehicle) chargers of multiple charging networks in the most reliable and user friendly way.

Through our app (and only the app) we provide access to thousands of charging locations accross Europe. Instead of having multiple cards and apps to use EV chargers of different companies, Bonnet allows you to set up one account, attach your credit card and use is on a variety of - soon all - chargers. Drivers can opt-in on our Boosts which are subscription that provides you a percentage discount on all your charging sessions.

To ensure that we provide a service that EV drivers want and need, we constantly improve and add features based on how the app is used. We also use a mix of community feedback and inputs, and machine learning to improve the reliability and accuracy of the data we display!

Sounds interesting? Download our free app now to save the planet and your wallet!

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