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Errors when trying to start charging

Keep getting error popups? This could help!

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Charging stations can sometimes run into issues while starting a session, some problems can be solved by simply waiting for a minute then trying again, others can be more difficult to solve. The app will always try to give users the cause of an issue and give instructions on what to do in order to solve it, these are the common issue causes:

  • Plugged in too soon/late - Most devices have a very specific order you must follow to successfully start charging your car. This means that plugging in your car before starting the session through the app when the instructions show the opposite can make your attempt fail every time. In some cases, there will also be a very strict timeframe within which the cable is expected to be plugged in, waiting too long or plugging your car in too early might not work.

  • Charge station rejects request - If any error pops up in the charge station's hardware or the charge point operator's system, the device will tend to reject the charging request. If this happens you should be able to try again after waiting for 2 minutes in order to let the device reset (the waiting time is important). If the same error keeps happening, please get in touch!

  • Pressed in emergency button - Some charging stations (mainly DC charging stations) have an emergency stop button on them. The button is usually used to get a cable unstuck from a car or stop a charging session that could not be stopped otherwise. While this button is pressed in, a charger will not accept any other charging request so make sure that the button is not pressed in when you are trying to charge.

  • Request times out - Sometimes internet connectivity issues can cause the charge station to lose contact with our system which causes time outs. If the app doesn't seem to hear back from the charger in an extended period, it's better to try out another device if possible. If there is no other charger nearby, unplugging the car and waiting for a small period of time should also reset the charger.

  • App doesn't react to a started session - The best way to reset the app and force it to enter the "charging mode" is to fully close it and re-open it. You've probably heard it a million times from a dozen different apps but this still is one of the most effective ways to reset your mobile device and get rid of any bugs that might have crawled their way into the app.

  • Car plugged in for too long before starting the session - If you plug in your car then wait for a while (more than 5 mins can start being problematic but this depends on the device) before attempting to charge, the charge point might stop sensing the connection properly. In this case, charging attempts will often time out.

  • Multiple attempts within short timeframe - If your first charging attempt fails for any reason, it is extremely important to wait for at least a minute or 2 to let the device reset. While a charge point is still processing a previous request, it will not be able to accept a new one and subsequent attempts will only lengthen the reset timer and might even cause more important issues.

If you do get in touch with our support team, please pay attention to the error message displayed by the app as it gives us a good indication of the cause of the issue.

Please note that sometimes, the charger company itself can experience difficulties accessing their hardware. In that case, we will communicate the issue with them right away but will have to wait for them to solve the problem. If this happens when you are trying to charge, we will be more than happy to offer you some credit as a compensation for your troubles.

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