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Unavailable connectors but no car connected?

Understanding why a connector show "charging" or "unavailable"

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Written by Eliot Makabu
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Sometimes a connector does not appear as available in our app even though it clearly looks available on the physical device.

While we are trying our best to always have the most accurate data possible, there might still be times where the data we are receiving from the charge point operator is wrong. In that case, you can always let us know about the wrong information by reporting an issue in the app or getting in touch.

However, there are other reasons why a connector can be shown as unavailable:

  • Plugging in your car before selecting the connector in the app - If a car is plugged in before the connector is selected the app will sense that the connector is in use and therefore prevent users from selecting it. It is important to always select the connector before plugging in your car.

  • Two connectors of the same device - On some chargers, one "charging device" might have multiple connectors. However, since each charging device can only charge one car at the time, only one of these multiple connectors can be used simultaneously. The app will therefore display all the connectors of one device as unavailable if one of them is used.

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