Bonnet Refills essentially allow you to purchase electricity before you use it in exchange for a much better rate. If you know you will roughly use 100kWh in a one month timeframe, Refills is a way to pay for those 100kWh upfront. The advantage of doing this is to greatly reduce the price you will pay per kWh of electricity, and save loads of money!

In the previous example, you might be worried what happens if you don't spend your 100kWh purchased upfront but there is absolutely no problem with that, any electricity you don't use will carry over to the next month in the form of credit. And if you need to use more than 100kWh in this timeframe that's also fine! Any electricity spent on top of your refill amount will automatically be billed after you charge your car at your reduced refill rate.

As a Pay As You Go (PAYG) user, you will be charged for every charging session at our default PAYG electricity rate instead.

All pricing information can be found here.

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