Currently, we offer our users 4 types of discounts:

  • Intro discounts

  • Referral rewards

  • User specific discounts

  • Temporary discounts

Free trial

Intro discounts will grant you one or more Free months on our Refills. This means that you can purchase up to 200kWh upfront for Free every month for a determined duration. These can be applied during registration or in Settings > Promotions. Please note that these discounts will only be redeemed once you purchase a Refill, you will not benefit from free charging if you remain on a PAYG account!

Referral rewards

Referral rewards are given to users that have referred another user that purchases a Refill and to the users that get referred by another Bonnet user. This are available for all users and can be claimed by sharing your referral code. These can also be applied during registration or in Settings > Promotions.

User specific discounts

Users can receive discounts through notifications. These are usually automatically applied unless specified in the notification and grant users free or discounted sessions.

Global discounts

At times, Bonnet will grant discounts that can be used by all users on the whole network on a specific charging network. The terms for such discounts will be announced through notifications and user will not have to apply or redeem any codes for them to become active. This will happen automatically.

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