If you and your friends are looking for a better way to charge your EV, why not try Bonnet at a very low cost through our referral program?

To claim referral rewards you will need a referrer and a referee. Each user is automatically allocated a referral code when they create their Bonnet account so all you need to do to get started is signing up! This code can be found by clicking on the "Refer a friend" button in Settings > Promotions. The referrer can share the code with their friends and ask the referee to redeem it during registration or on the Promotions screen.

The rewards for referrers and referees are the same, £15 of referral credit which will be taken off your next Refill monthly payment (referral credits DO NOT apply to Pay As You Go payments). You can track the credits you've earned from referrals in the Promotions screen's "wallet". The referee will receive their credits as soon as they redeem their code but the referrer will only receive their credits once the referrer has purchased a Refill.

You can only receive referral credits once by redeeming someone else's referral code but receiving rewards from other people redeeming your code can happen as many times as you want! Also, you can only redeem referral codes before you purchase a Refill but that doesn't stop you from getting referrer rewards so you can keep sharing your code with as many people as you'd like!

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