Bonnet Refills essentially allow you to get much lower electricity rate by making upfront payments on the electricity you will use to charge your car every month in the form of a recurring monthly payments.

If you know you will user roughly 100kWh in a one month timeframe, Refills is a way to pay for these 100kWh upfront. Not only will this reduce your cost per kWh but it also makes payments frictionless.

In the previous example, you might be worried what happens if you don't spend your 100kWh purchased upfront but there is absolutely no problem with that, any purchased electricity you don't use will carry over to the next month in the form of credit.

This also does not mean that you are limited to the 100kWh you have purchased upfront. The main part of a Refill is the Rate you get out of it. This Rate will still apply to any energy spent on top of the aforementioned 100kWh but you will be billed after your charging session for all the energy used on top of the initial 100kWh.

You can easily switch between different Refill amounts or cancel your Refill at any time if your Refill does not fit your needs.

Some important terms we use when talking about Refills:

  • Refill electricity rate - is the discounted rate per kWh you benefit from with your Refill

  • Refill amount - is the amount of electricity you purchase upfront every month

  • Refill monthly payment - is the payment we automatically take every month to pay for your Refill amount

  • Refill renewal date - is the date on which we charge your Refill monhtly payment

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