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Bonnet Premium
Bonnet premium (Currently Beta, only available in UK)
Bonnet premium (Currently Beta, only available in UK)
Premium beta functionality
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What is Bonnet Premium?

There are 3 main features in Premium:

  • Home (Smart scheduling)

Designed to bring the benefits of Bonnet public charging straight to your driveway. Integrate your vehicle or home charger with Bonnet Home to unlock the Bonnet Home dashboard.

Schedule your charge to match to your priorities. Choose to save money, reduce CO2 emissions or limit grid strain - or you can choose to balance them all.

  • Premium Route Planner

Drive from A to B without the dreaded range anxiety. Monitor your state of charge throughout your journey and we’ll predict SoC for each stop you make.

  • Direct vehicle integration

Enhanced charging with smart notifications to alert you to state of charge, time remaining and charging progress to preserve battery health.

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