What will happen to my Refills?
For the users who will have outstanding refill kWh credit on their account after the pricing update.
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If you are a current Refill user and have an outstanding kWh on the account, you will be transitioned to the new Bonnet Boost membership according to the table below.

There will be a 2 months grace period when the subscription cost of Bonnet Boost will be waived.


Transition to:


Light Boost


Light Boost


Turbo Boost

While you are subscribed to any Bonnet Boost membership, your kWh balance will remain on your account and can be used as before. However, if at any point in time you decide to unsubscribe from Bonnet Boosts, including during the grace period, your remaining kWh balance will be lost.

To learn more about Bonnet Boosts follow the link:

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