You can make videos, images and web stories using a free Adobe Spark education account. These can be embedded into Book Creator for Chrome for amazing interactive books.

Adobe Spark Video

1. Once you've finished making your video, click on the Share button in the top toolbar.

2. Configure your sharing settings, then click on the Create link button.

3. Click on the embed icon to get the iframe code, or just copy the Shareable Link using the blue copy button.

4. In Book Creator, click + then Import. Click on the Embed tab and paste the iframe code, then click the Confirm web link button.

5. When the link has validated, you can edit the title and then click the Add to book button.

6. You'll see that the video embeds onto the page and can be resized. In Read Mode, you can click on the video and it will play in on overlay window. 

Adobe Spark Page

Repeat the steps above, but for step 3, copy the link rather than the embed code

In Read Mode, you can click on the embedded Spark Page link and it will open in a popup window, giving you the full interactive experience of the web page whilst still in your book.

Adobe Spark Post

The steps are exactly the same, except this time, when you embed the link, you'll see it upload as an image onto the page (much the same as any other image or photo). You can resize it as you need.

Here's an example made with all 3 types of Adobe Spark content embedded onto the page.

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