Gift cards explained:

In order to sell gift cards your payment processors must be connected. To learn how to connect your payment processors please click here.

How do I add a new gift card for a customer? 

From your dashboard go to Marketing > Gift Cards > Send Gift Card

In here you will be able to select the image of the gift card, enter in the senders information, enter in the recipient information, include a message, and either send it now or send it on a specific day and time. 

How do I add new images for gift cards? 

Go to Marketing > Gift Cards > Gift Card Gallery > Then click on the grey rectangular box at the top of the page that says "Upload Gift Card Image" 

The ideal image sizing for a gift card image is 350 x 150 px. 

How do I check how many gift cards are outstanding for my business? 

To check how many customers have purchased gift cards and to see the status of those gift cards go to Marketing > Gift Cards > Gift Cards (Again) 

Here will be a list of all the gift cards that were purchased and you can see how much of the gift card was used and how much was left over.

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