There are 2 things that are true about selling.

  • People sell your product better than you do.
  • Engagement turns into sales.

It's extremely simple when you think about it.

When scrolling through Facebook or Instagram you at times stumble upon a post that is of interest to you.

If that post contains a bunch of comments, chances are that you might check them out.

Once you start engaging with the comments, 20 minutes could go by before you even leave the discussion.

Did that ever happen to you?

It would be safe to assume that it did because it happens to us all.

During that discussion you are engaging with other people and they are selling you whether you know it or not.

If it's a story about an artist that you've never heard of before, those comments are painting a perspective in your head about that artist.

If you read something that you like you might check that artist out immediately and if you like them you might listen to them for the next week on repeat.

Without those comments you'd probably have no interest in that artist because you already have plenty of artists you listen to on repeat.

We learned that websites and landing pages are no different.

If you show others that people are engaging directly on your site or a landing page, chances of them buying right away increase.

How did we learn all of this?

We learned all this because we wanted to increase conversions and sales for BookingKoala and King of Maids (our other businesses that we own).

Our marketing team sat down and came up with the idea to build SalesHangry.

As you can see from the photos below, our idea worked very well:

Over 56% of the users engaged with the bot on the BookingKoala homepage and our sign ups for BookingKoala increased.

For King of Maids the numbers in the first week looked like this:

Engagement in the first week reached nearly 70% mainly because the traffic we get to that site is very targeted compared to the BookingKoala site.

Conversions increased on the King of Maids site as well.

Also, keep in mind the engagement is extremely high because at this time we had the bot automatically show up 20-30 seconds after a user lands on the site. This rule was applied to both sites. Currently we are testing how conversions are affected when the bot does not open up automatically when a user lands on the site.

If you're setting up your bot we have some recommendations.

  1. If you have an online presence, add reviews to the bot. If you don't have reviews yet add in popular questions others ask you and answer them so people can start engaging.
  2. Customize your feedback to show the best feedback towards the top. If anyone adds feedback going forward it will automatically be placed towards the bottom keeping your best feedback at the top.
  3. Make sure the bot is added on desktop and mobile.
  4. Allowing the bot to open up automatically creates more engagement, however we currently have the option disabled.
  5. If you like the feedback personally, give it a like so that you can show users that they can do so too.
  6. If anyone asks questions using the bot, make sure to answer because other viewers will want answers too.
  7. Leave email confirmations on so that no one spams your bot.

We will continue to share recommendations as time goes by.

Hope you enjoy the product!

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