Customizing your bot to your preferences

First choose the bot you would like to showcase

Now you will edit the text to your business name and anything else you would like to change

Under "Customize" you will set the rules for your bot

Basic Rules
Bot Position: where you can place the bot on your website, either left or right hand side and top, middle, or bottom of the page are where you can place it

Hide On Mobile: you can hide the bot from showing on a mobile device

Hide On Desktop: you can hide the bot from showing on a desktop device

Allow Users To Close Notification: will either let the customer close out of the bot or not. If they close it, the bot will show up the next time they visit your site unless some of the bottom settings are altered

Enable Branding: you can either choose it to say "Powered By Benny The Bot" or "Powered By SalesHangry" or disable it completely (starting with the 'Monster' plan)

Enable Header: this will display your business name, your star rating, and a little bio of your business or anything else that you would like it to say once someone opens the bot

Activate Call To Action On Bot: this appears at the bottom of your bot and you can set a link to a different page with a call to action like "Click Here For Pricing"

Feedback Rules
Show Feedback: Users will be able to see all feedback and reviews associated with this bot

Show Date Of Feedback: this allows customers to see when the feedback or review was posted

Show Rating: Users will see the company rating when activated. Each bot has its own rating and if you are using different landing pages, selling different items, each bot can be geared towards each item, author, or product

Show All Ratings: This will show all the ratings left by customers (If you disable this you can control if certain ratings are displayed) 

Is Leaving A Rating Optional: Using the bot you can take questions and feedback. By keeping rating optional, you can receive a rating along with feedback and you can also allow users to use the bot to ask questions which will be displayed for other users to see

Should We Show All Feedback: You can display the text that you want users to see so they are not confused as to why their review might not be shown if they left one before. (For example, you can decide if only a few feedback logs are shown and later customize which are shown. The text can specify that to avoid confusion.) 

Can Someone Leave Feedback Via The Bot: Users will be able to give feedback directly using this bot

Can Users Reply To Feedback: You can allow other users to reply to feedback or you can even reply to the feedback as the merchant

Does User Have To Confirm Feedback Via Email: When leaving feedback an email will be sent to the user in order to confirm they are a real user

Can User Leave Anonymous Feedback: An "anonymous" option will be given to user when leaving feedback and their name will not be shown along with the feedback

Can User Leave An Image: A user can upload an image when leaving feedback or commenting if this is enabled

Activate Reactions: Do you want other users to react to feedback similar to Facebook posts? If so, you can decide which reactions they can perform under each feedback log

Activate Comments: Can users leave comments 

Default Feedback Source: Where was it left from

Advanced Rules
Shake Bot: Set your bot up to shake after a user lands on your site. They can shake after a certain amount of time passes or continue to shake at an interval period of every "X" amount of seconds as well as how do you want it to shake

Open Bot Automatically: Do you want the bot to open automatically after a certain time has passed or based on every session, per day, week or month

Enable Slider: Allows feedback or reviews to slide through with the bot being closed

Show When Scrolling Up: The bot will stay fixated in the spot you chose it to be in when a user is scrolling up and down on your site

Show On All Pages: Do you want the bot to appear on all the pages in your site or a specific one

Notification Rules
New Feedback: Do you want to enable notifications for this specific bot 

New Comment (Sent to merchant): Do you want to enable notifications for new comments that came in for the merchant for this specific bot

New Comment (Sent to user/customer): Do you want to enable notifications for new comments that came in for the user/customer for this specific bot

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