Sometimes you might want to block certain dates in your Calendar. Think about situations in which you want to quickly fix that broken sink in the dorm, paint the walls of your accommodation, or when check-in is unavailable due to a planned team trip. Here are your steps to quickly block dates in your calendar: 

1. Go to the Calendar tab by clicking on the Planning module in the left side menu.

2. Click on the Block button which is indicated by the X symbol:

3. Select the days that you wish to block by hovering your mouse over the relevant time period and items. Click again to confirm.

4. Optionally enter a comment (for internal use only) and choose a colour to represent the blocked days 

5. Click on Apply block. Your rooms are now blocked and you won't be able to receive bookings for these dates.

6. To unblock the days, click on Unblock button - indicated by the O symbol

7. Select the relevant dates you wish to unblock

If you want to block larger periods of time, please refer to this article.

**Note: In order to block the whole room, make sure to block all bed slots inside the room. Otherwise, your guests will still be able to make a reservation but with limited capacity.

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