Viewing all bookings

To view all bookings made on your system open the menu left side menu and click on the "Bookings" link.

You can filter the bookings by the booking reference or customer name and email using the "Search by reference or customer" field.

You can also filter bookings by the status, when the booking was created and only display bookings with events during a date range by clicking on the "Advanced Filters" link.

Detailed booking view

Clicking on the "Show" button will open the detailed booking view.

The detailed view contains the purchaser, booking items and payment transaction information.

Cancelling a booking

To cancel a booking open the booking detailed view and click on the actions button, then select "Cancel Booking".

You will then see a confirmation prompt, click "Cancel Booking" to confirm the cancellation of click "Close" to abort the cancellation.

Printing a Booking

To print a booking, open the bookings detail view, click on the actions button and select "Print Booking".

A printable pdf will be opened ready for printing.

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