Step 1. Registering with Zoom

In order to first connect with Zoom, you will need an account with Zoom

Once you have logged in to Connect,

you will see the main dashboard, which will list the completed an uncompleted "achievements" as one of which is the connection to Zoom.

or alternatively you can open the side-menu and click through to Settings ->  System setup.
(see below)

you will be able to see the the option under Plugins section to click "Connect Account" (at this point make sure that you are still logged into Zoom with you previously registered account), you should see the following screen.

 once you have clicked "Authorize", you will be redirected back to the System setup page. 


1. Item Setup

When creating a new Item you should enable the Zoom option here, only if you have previously connected successfully, from this point on-wards every new booking will create a new Zoom meeting.

2. Bookings

Once you have successful bookings with a Zoom enabled item attached, you will be able to see a link on the booking (listed under bookings tab side menu item) with the meeting link that will start the meeting, until you have clicked this link, the meeting will not have started and wont allow participants to join. This is your hosting link, do NOT share it with your customers,  customers will have their link sent to them in their booking confirmation email.

3. Events

from the calendar sidebar within the events tab, on each event scheduled that has a Zoom meeting attached to it, you should see the below popup

from here you can join the meeting and host it.


in order to disconnect your Zoom account, you should re-visit the Settings -> System setup page and you will see the Zoom plugin option to "Disconnect", this will automate the process of disconnecting your Zoom account from your Connect account.

Contact Support

  • Contacting us via chat (as can been seen below) in the Connect account. (you must be logged in first)


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