After you log into your app, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Settings" in your menu bar. (This is on the bottom right hand corner!)
  2. Click on "Edit Profile". (This will be the first heading!)
  3. For iPhones, click on "Documents". (Scroll all the way to the bottom!)
  4. For Androids, click on "Approval Documents". (Scroll all the way to the bottom!)
  5. Click "Add Photo" 
  6. Click on "Take" for a brand new photo OR click on "Select" for a photo in your photo album.
  7. After you have uploaded your photo, press "Save". (This is in purple right at the bottom!)

Any document with the red "Mandatory" symbol is required. Make sure you have the appropriate document uploaded in these sections.

If you are certain you have uploaded 100% of your required documents, email to request for an update.

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