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Why was my bookshelf comment/post or impression removed?
Why was my bookshelf comment/post or impression removed?
Written by Julia
Updated over a week ago

For one of the following reasons:

Spam and ads
Third-party commercial and political ads cannot be posted in discussions, comments, on the cover, or on the main photo. But you can post links to other resources in the context of discussions or post links to official corporate pages.

Obscene language and sensitive content
We remove content and comments that contain profanity, pornography, or files with excessive blood and violence.

Violation of laws
We remove content and comments that violate applicable laws, international law, and local authorities.

Malicious accounts
It is prohibited to disrupt friendly communication in the comments or insult and harass other users. Your account will be banned for such behavior. You can still read and listen to books, but all actions related to communication will be unavailable to you.

Fake accounts and impersonation of administrators

It is prohibited to create accounts that copy the names of other people and present yourself as an official Bookmate representative or a person associated with the administration if you don't work for the company.

What if my comment/post was removed by mistake?
Contact us and tell us about your problem in more detail so we can help you resolve it.

What if I want someone's comment or post to be removed?

If someone has shown offensive behavior or taken other actions that prevent the safe use of the platform, contact us using the feedback form in the app or on the website. We will definitely review the situation and, if necessary, block the account or take other possible measures.

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