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What is a bulk booking discount?

Bulk booking discounts can be automatically applied to bookings using discount rules that you've created. If the booker meets the specific criteria you've set in the rule, they will then automatically receive a discount applied to their basket at the checkout.

Setting up a discount set

Your discounts can be located in your admin account under Sales tools then Discounts:

A Discount set is a grouping of discounts. They could be grouped around a discount type, for example, all your bulk booking discount rules in one set, and all your discount codes in another. Or they could be grouped around a theme, like 'Summer Offers' for example.

  • To set up a Discount set, firstly select Add a new discount set, then Name the set, this name is just for your internal reference and won't be seen by bookers:

  • Then decide on the Discount type and whether this set and all discounts within it, apply to Tickets or to Class passes:

  • Under Restrict use on events occurring between you can decide whether this discount set, and all discounts within it, are limited to a certain timeframe only. Outside this timeframe, the discounts will not be valid or applicable at checkout. If you leave this blank, no date restrictions are applied.

  • Ticket discount applies to allows you to decide whether the discounts you're creating are only valid for certain entries or tickets. You can leave this blank if the offer is valid for everything on your booking pages.

    Please note:

    Selections included here dictate what the discount can be applied to. This means that if you add new entries or ticket types, you will then need to come back into this discount set to include these in the offer.

Setting up bulk booking discounts

Now you've created a discount set, you can now create your discount rules for your bulk booking discounts. To add a new rule, select Add discount rule here:

Please note: Discount rules are not connected to discount codes. They work independently from each other. Your bookers will never need to enter a discount code to trigger a bulk booking discount rule, as these are applied automatically.

Setting up a simple 2 for 1 discount:

  • Rule type - currently only a bulk purchase discount is available.

  • Minimum tickets selected - This is where you input how many individual tickets need to be selected for the offer to apply. In this example, we've set this to 2, so that if 2 or more of a valid ticket is selected, the discount is applied.

  • Type of discount - Here you can decide if the discounted value is fixed, or calculated as a percentage of the total value of tickets in the deal.

    It's important to consider this setting carefully. So in this 2 for 1 example the single ticket cost is £5, and the full price for two tickets would be £10. The discount would be 50% off, however, the booker would still receive the offer if they select 3, 4, 5 or more tickets.

    Therefore using the fixed amount discount of £5 is appropriate for this offer. The total discount will never go above £5 for this offer. So even a booker selects 10 tickets, only the 2 for 1 offer would be applied once per booking. If you instead used the percentage off discount, for example at 50%, the booker would receive a 50% discount on all valid selected tickets.

  • Set if this rule will expire at any point - this will be overridden by the discount set settings if you have a date range set there too.

  • Days in advance limit - this is the time frame between events that determines whether a discount is given. E.g. if you'd only like to give a discount if tickets are purchased for 5 events within 6 weeks, then enter 42 days.

  • Only count separate events? - If checked, discounts will only apply if the tickets purchased are for different events. If unchecked, the discount would be valid if a booker booked for themselves and a friend for the same class on the same day.

Once happy with the setup, make sure to save the discount rule as well as the discount set.

You can test your discount rule is working as expected, by making a test booking on your public booking page, as if you were a booker. You can either abandon the booking before the payment or if booking as an admin, bypass the payment completely.

Advertising your bulk booking offer

As mentioned above, the bulk booking discount is not triggered by a code at checkout, but simply by an automated rule. This means that the booker will not know about the discount offer unless you specifically advertise it. You can do this as you wish, through your usual marketing channels (e-mail, social media etc) but might also wish to add a note of the discount into your public page info, event info or ticket info.

We recommend adding some explanatory text under Tickets & Costs for the events that your offer covers. Here's an example:

And here's how this would look on the public page:

Making a bulk booking

When a booker selects the right amount of tickets that are valid for a bulk booking offer, the discount is automatically applied as soon as they go to their basket:

Here's how this is displayed:

Please note:

It's not possible for the booker to remove the discount or to combine it with another discount. The best discount available will always win. More info about this here.


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