What is BoomReport?

BoomReport is a credit-building product credentialized with all three credit bureaus. We help renters build credit with their rent payments.

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For most Americans, rent is the largest monthly household expense, but you are currently not getting credit for making these on-time payments each month.

With BoomReport, you can report your ongoing or past rent payments (up to 24 months of prior rental history on an active or closed lease). Or, for maximum credit score impact, report both your ongoing and past payments.

Adding a rental tradeline to your credit report can help diversify your credit profile and can improve your credit score.

The average Boom customer sees a credit score increase of over 28 points, with some users seeing increases of over 105 points.

Additionally, reporting your rent payments can help give you a credit score if you are a "thin-file" customer with no credit score.

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