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Is BoomReport for me?
Is BoomReport for me?

If you pay rent, BoomReport is for you. Good credit changes lives. Change yours today with Boom!

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BoomReport is helpful for anyone looking to build or improve their credit score via the rent payments you already make. It takes less than 7 minutes to sign-up!

On average, BoomReport members typically see a credit score increase of over 28 points, if both past and ongoing reporting are selected. Some users saw an increase of up to 105 points. Additionally, many people do not have a credit score because they do not have any credit sources — reporting your rent payments can help build your credit to obtain a credit score.

While it is not possible to predict the exact impact on your credit score, generally speaking, the lower your credit score, the larger the impact you’ll see.

Eligible users must be currently renting and other addresses can be added where users rented within the past 24 months. Additionally, you must pay rent via a bank account/sourceable method and have a valid residential lease agreement.

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