Yes! We can report any valid residential lease agreement that is currently active or has been active within the last 12 months, even if you have already moved out.

If your lease has expired, but you are now living month-to-month at the same address without a formal lease renewal, this is also acceptable.

Boom can report up to 24 months of past rent payments from any residential lease (whether that's your current lease or even an old lease in which you moved out in the last 12 months).

Here are a couple scenarios:

Scenario 1: For example, if you currently live at 123 Main Street with a valid lease agreement, you can enroll in both past and ongoing rent reporting. We will report your past rent payments (from the time you moved-in until now) and all future rent payments.

Scenario 2: If 4 months ago you lived at 234 Avenue A, you can also report your past rent payments as well (assuming you previously had a valid lease agreement). You can add your additional lease on the Boom app any time by selecting “Add address” on the home screen. You are eligible to report this lease because your move out date was 4 months ago, which falls within the 12-month window*

*Please note: For past leases that have already closed, Experian will only report the payments if your move out date was within 6 months (not 12 months). So, in the case of Scenario 2, this tradeline would post to all three bureaus, but if it closed more than 6 months ago, it would only post to Equifax and TransUnion.

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