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What is a rental tradeline?
What is a rental tradeline?

TLDR: a rental tradeline helps boost your credit score

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A rental tradeline is a line-item on your credit report that reflects your rent payment history.

Rent payments are not automatically included on your credit score, so a third party is needed to verify and report them on a consumer’s behalf.

Boom is a credentialed rental payment data furnisher with the three major credit bureaus.

Highlights of a rental tradeline include:

  • No credit check needed nor hard inquiry on your credit report

  • Adds up to 24 months of payments (a rent payment must be made within the last 12 months in order to qualify)

  • Improves credit age with lease start date increasing your average age of accounts (typically)

  • Falls into the “Other” category, helping to diversify your credit profile

  • Does not impact the debt-to-income ratio

  • Does not impact utilization ratio

  • Serves as a positive tradeline to offset negative items on your credit report

  • Allows creditors/landlords the opportunity to view your financial responsibility and loan eligibility despite a given credit score

Here is an example of a rental tradeline:

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