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What if I pay my rent via credit card?
What if I pay my rent via credit card?

TLDR: That's fine! Plaid links with 12,000 financial instructions, including credit cards.

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You can pay rent with a credit card and still use BoomReport.

Our bank-linking service is performed through Plaid. Plaid can link bank accounts AND other financial accounts such as credit cards.

Plaid currently supports over 12,000 financial institutions. The majority of credit card underwriters are supported on their platform and can link with Boom.

If your credit card underwriter (you make your monthly credit card payments to the underwriter, which is a bank such as Citi or Chase) is supported on Plaid, then you can link it with Boom!

If your underwriter or bank is not supported by Plaid, we are unable to report your rent payments unless you have an active rental portal.

To learn more about Plaid, click here.

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