You can use the Boords Basic plan for free by sharing your recommendation link. Each time a user signs up with your recommendation link, you'll get a free month of Basic access. 

You can find your personalised recommendation link over on the Recommendation page in the app, together with some links for sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and via email. 

Do users I recommend need to do anything special? 

For a referral to become valid, users who create an account with your link must confirm their email address. Your credit won't be applied until they do. 

What happens at the end of my free month? 

If you have an unused recommendation, we will automatically use that to give you another month of access. When your recommendation runs out, you'll be moved back to the Free plan.

Can I edit my recommendation link URL? 

We don't currently offer the ability to change your recommendation URL. It's automatically generated when you register. 

How does this impact my free trial? 

If someone signs up with your recommendation link while you are on the free Team trial, you will move to the Basic plan immediately. This means you won't have access to the collaborative features that the Team plan offers. 

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