We are super excited to release the Boords Photoshop Plugin as a private Beta! 

If you want to help us test the Plugin simply...

  • Email us at hello@boords.com.
  • With the email subject set to 'Photoshop Plugin'
  • Include your Creative Cloud email (the one that photoshop uses)

Please send all feedback and feature requests to tom@boords.com

We will add you to a queue of testers. When you hit the front of the queue we will send you and Adobe invite. Then follow the instructions outlined below.

On recieveing the invite...

1 - You will get an invite from Adobe. Click except and follow the link to your ‘My Add Ons"

2 - click install plugin (please wait for 10 seconds you should get a notification on your OS letting you know the extension has installed)

3 - Close and reopen photoshop

4 - go to window / extension / Boords

5 - login to your boords account in the PS extension window

6 - select a storyboard you want to edit (this will open a new PS document and make a timeline. 1 frame for each storyboard frame. It will download any frames from boords and add them to a reference video layer)

7 - select a frame you wish to start on

8 - work up the frame

9 - Scan through the timeline to jump to a new frame in the storyboard

10 - when you are happy click the upload button (it upload what ever is in on the canvas at that frame so you can set up your layers etc however you wish)

Here is a quick video click through

If you need a Boords trial extension for testing let me know and I can set you up with a new trial period. Any other questions please check the FAQs below and if you're still stuck please get in touch. My email is below

Thanks so much for your time and happy storyboarding :)


Please send all feedback and feature requests to tom@boords.com


I clicked install but the extension is not syncing and installing to photoshop.

Make sure your Creative Cloud application is logged in to the same account. It needs to be running with syncing turned on. If this is all set up correctly you will see a notification in the Home feed (image below) telling you that the plugin was installed. 

Try logging in to your desktop Creative Cloud application then visit https://exchange.adobe.com/addons/my_addons to remove and then install the plugin again (leaving at least 10 seconds between each action to let CC download and instal the extension). You should get a notification on your operating system when the extension is removed and installed. Then close and reopen Photoshop. You should now see the extension in the drop down (window/extentions/boords).

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