Team plan customers (or customers on a free trial) can add custom cover and end pages to their storyboards. 

Supported formats 

Cover and end pages can be multiple page PDF documents if you so wish, however they should be: 

  • A4 in format (other sizes will be stretched to fit) 
  • Basic PDF documents (optional content or interactive PDFs are not supported

Repairing malformed PDFs

If you see an error after generating a PDF indicating you have a malformed PDF cover or endslate, a possible solution is to re-export the cover / endslate, then upload it again. 

  • On Mac, you can do this with Preview by going to File > Export as PDF... in the menu. 
  • On Windows, you will need a PDF reader (such as the free Adobe Acrobat). Once you've downloaded that, just save out a new copy of your cover / endslate and replace the existing file. 

Accessing this setting

  • Ensure you are on a Team plan (or a free trial) 
  • Visit one of your storyboards 
  • Click the "PDF" icon in the toolbar 
  • Click the "Cover page" tab (see below) 
  • Check the "Upload custom PDF cover & end pages" option

You'll then see two buttons which allow you to upload the PDF files. The cover page will be appended before the start of your storyboard frames, and the end page after them.

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