It's easy to leave comments on a storyboard you've made or a storyboard that you belong to!

Enabling comments:

Commenting on a storyboard is disabled by default and only Admins of a project have the ability to enable it. If you're an Admin, click on the comment icon in the top-right navigation to open the comments panel bar. 

There, you'll see the option to turn commenting on.

Adding comments: 

To add a comment to a storyboard you're editing, hover over the frame you'd like to comment on and click the Comment button. This will open a new comment box below the image, in place of where the frame's text was.

Once saved, your comment will show in the comments panel bar on the right.

Editing and deleting comments

To edit or delete a comment you've made on a frame, rollover the comment in the panel bar to uncover the options.

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