Sending an Invite

  1. Open the settings menu via the button on the sidebar.

  2. Click on the Members tab to open up the team member management screen.

  3. Type in the email of the team member

  4. Select the team member's role.

  5. When you click the send button (Mail icon) and email will be sent to the entered email address with a link.

  6. You can delete invites by pressing the [x] on the invite list. Unaccepted invites will become invalid when deleted.

Accepting an Invite

  1. Click the link in the invite email you received.

  2. Login using via Github or email (it is not required to login with the same email which received the invite)

  3. Once logged in you should be redirected to the join team screen. If you already have a Boost Note for Teams account an alert will appear in the team selection menu. You can join from there directly.

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