Who is guest?

Guests are external people who you want to work with, and they can access and edit only the document you sent the invitation but not an entire workspace. If you want to work with someone outside the team in a specific document, this feature would be helpful for you.

How to invite guest to your document

To invite a guest, you need to open the right side menu in your document. Click this angle icon on the top-right corner, and you will see the "Guest" section.

If you haven't upgraded your plan, you need to upgrade it first, but if you already upgraded, you will see "Invite" button.

Each team members can have 3 guest seats. That means if you have 3 team members, you can invite 9 guests per a document. Once you clicked the invite button, you will see this modal.

Type the guest's email address, and click "Invite".

Your invited guest will get an invitation email from Boost Note, and they can start working with you.

Here is the example of the guest's page.

They will see the only features they need to have while working with you, but cannot access the entire workspace and admin settings.

If you want to manage the guests, you can either come back to the guest section, or open the settings and go to the members menu.

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