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Getting Started with BorderPass
Resources for affected Northern College students
Resources for affected Northern College students

Resources to help affected Norther College students navigate their situation. This is regularly updated with the most up-to-date information

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If you are a student that was affected by Northern College's recent events, we appreciate that this is a very challenging and stressful situation and we are here to help. This article will help you navigate your options, stay informed, and have as smooth a transition as possible.

Important note

If you are one of the affected students, please get started now by following these instructions.

Who is BorderPass

BorderPass is a distinguished Canadian technology company backed by Canadian Immigration lawyers which offers international students a transparent and affordable toolkit to navigate and manage their immigration pathways.

Our devoted team has been engaged by Northern College to guide and support affected students, collaborating with Centennial College to establish a seamless study-in-Canada pathway.

Recognizing the challenges these students have faced, we're working closely with all stakeholders, including Canada's dedicated government officials, to facilitate your journey towards studying in Canada.

We understand that immigration profoundly impacts Canada's social and economic fabric, and we are resolute in our commitment to partnering with Canadian colleges and universities that champion international students.

What can students do

As of August 11th, you will have received an email communication from Northern College titled "Northern College Reinstatement Opportunity" with some information and next steps. If you choose to proceed with these steps, please follow the instructions in this email as soon as possible.

Important note

You must complete the required action from Northern's email no later than end of day on August 17, 2023 to be guaranteed consideration.

Getting Started on BorderPass

Please follow the instructions below to get started:


Please only sign up to BorderPass via this link

Please also only use the same email address you used when applying to Northern College when creating your account on BorderPass.

In short, you will need to upload some information and documents to our BorderPass portal to have Centennial College confirm your admission. After receiving confirmation of your acceptance from Centennial College, we will provide you with instructions and an arrival package for you to present at the Canadian Border as well as further instructions to assist you with your arrival in Canada.

To get started:

1. Sign up for BorderPass using THIS LINK

  • Enter your names exactly as they appear in your passport.

  • Provide your personal email

  • Enter your Northern College Student ID

2. Review the Retainer agreement

  • Click the link to the Retainer Agreement. Please review, and if you agree, click the checkbox to continue

3. Complete the Northern College Entry Assessment

  • Have your Northern/Pures College Letter of Acceptance and Letter of Introduction handy

4. Upload the requested Documents which BorderPass will be sending to Centennial College for review

  • You will need digital copies of your:

    • Most recent transcripts (grade 10 and grade 12 mark sheets);

    • Graduation semester-wise/year-wise mark sheets with Provisional Degree certificate;

    • Failure mark-sheets, if any;

    • Official IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or Duolingo score sheets;

    • Passport biodata page (the one with your photo)

    • The last page of the passport (the one with your emergency contact page);

    • Visa approval documents (AKA Letter of Introduction. This is the letter you received from IRCC)

    • Updated resume / experience letter with the last drawn pay slip if you have a study gap of more than 2 years

5. Once you have completed all of your document uploads, you will be instructed to submit your documents for review by Centennial College and our legal team

  • Once completed, click the Submit Button to begin the review process


Please only upload your documents as PDF files - please avoid uploading JPEG

  • If you see an error stating "Something went wrong" this is likely because your browser is outdated. Please try updating your browser or using a different browser.

Once you have submitted your documents for review, please expect a few days of processing time. Thank you for your patiences during this period.

Changing your DLI

Since you will now be attending a new DLI if you accepted Centennial's offer and received a new LOA, we will assist you in Notifying IRCC of your DLI change at no additional cost to you.

Notification to IRCC of your DLI change can only be made after entering Canada. If you have not yet entered Canada, please wait until after you arrive to follow the steps below.

Your Changing DLI Assessment is now ready for completion in your BorderPass Dashboard.

To get started:

  1. Sign-in to your BorderPass account

  2. Navigate to the "Change of DLI" tab on the left panel

  3. Upload any outstanding documents including your new Study Permit, Centennial LOA

  4. Submit for Lawyer Review

From there, our team will take care of notifying the IRCC of your DLI change, and you will be updated once this process is completed.

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