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Instagram Chatbot Development
Instagram Chatbot Development

We at bot•hello help brands and influencers with large Instagram followings build IG DM chatbots that auto-respond to questions.

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Who are we?

bot•hello is a CX Optimisation Agency that helps consumer brands implement self-service support tools such as chatbots on websites and social media messaging channels that drive customer loyalty, reduce support hours and increase sales on auto-pilot.

What is an Instagram chatbot?

An Instagram chatbot can conduct automated chats with thousands of customers at once. Benefits include:

  • Answering frequently asked questions through button-driven menus

  • Driving sales, leads, and memberships through automated conversation

  • Replying to user messages based on specific keywords or phrases

  • Replying to comments based on specific keywords

  • Responding to user story mentions of your brand handle (i.e. if someone @ tags your IG handle in their story, you can instantly message them with anything you want)

  • Capturing contact information and automatically inputting it into your CRM

Our Instagram chatbot delivery process

When creating a chatbot for Instagram, we follow a 4-step implementation process. This includes:

  • Discovery & Design

  • Development & Testing

  • Implementation & Training

  • Optimisation & Reporting

To ensure we're creating the best Instagram chatbot to meet your — and your customers' — needs, we begin by analysing your support conversation data (i.e. emails, IG DMs, FB DMs, etc.) history and data. We look at trends in incoming requests and isolate topics and issues with high message volume to identify areas that would be ideal for automation. We use this to craft a data-driven solution for you.

Then, we develop and test your chatbot to ensure everything works effectively, efficiently, and is delightful to use. . And we'll implement your Instagram chatbot, including any team training and documentation your current (or future team members) may need.

Finally, we'll run ongoing reports and optimise your Instagram chatbot to ensure not a single user interaction is a negative one. It's our goal to ensure the bot is easy to use, fun to use, and just works.

Interested in learning more? Book a chat with us here.

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