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What are Boubyan Invest’s fees?
What are Boubyan Invest’s fees?
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At Boubyan Invest, we pride ourselves on our low fee structure, aiming to keep our fees as simple and transparent as possible. To get started with Boubyan Invest, you will have to transfer a minimum amount of $5,000. Once you get your account minimum set up, you will pay advisory and third party fees on a monthly basis.

  1. Advisory fees: Remember, to open a Boubyan Invest account, you must have and maintain a minimum account balance of $5,000. Our annual advisory are 0.75% with a minimum of 75 USD. 

  2. Third party fees: In any form of investment in capital markets, there are costs associated for transacting and owning securities, commonly known as transaction and custody costs. Transaction costs include brokers' commissions, and are the payments that banks and brokers receive for their roles. Because Boubyan Invest trades on your behalf, these transaction and custody costs will often be a lot lower than if you were to trade on your own or through an alternate investment means.

Fees are charged at the end of the month. While you will never be charged for withdrawing money out of our Boubyan Invest account, you must maintain an account balance of $5,000 at all times.

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