Schedule a Facebook Live Post
Learn how to schedule a Facebook Live event up to 7 days before a live broadcast.
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Should an issue seemingly unique to Facebook be encountered, or so much as confirmed in discussion with a BoxCast representative, you may report the issue as outlined here.

Facebook Live gives you the ability to "Schedule" a Facebook Live post beforehand. This gives you the ability to promote the video post on Facebook. This can only be done within 7 days of the broadcast. To push a broadcast to Facebook, follow these steps:

Step 1

Schedule a broadcast and add a Facebook Page as a Destination.


Step 2

Go to the Broadcast Page within 7 days of the scheduled broadcast and click the Facebook page you would like to create the event for.


Step 3

Under Destinations, click "Create the scheduled live event now." If the Scheduled Status says "Scheduled" you will now be able to see your event on Facebook.


Step 4

Go to your page on Facebook and you should now be seeing your scheduled post that is ready to go live.


If you plan on making edits to the broadcast, please do it in the BoxCast Dashboard. Making edits on Facebook or manually going live on Facebook will NOT affect the BoxCast broadcast. If you manually go live on Facebook, it will not go live on BoxCast or your other destinations. Also, if you click on Edit Your Details, you do not need to do anything with the Server URL and Stream Key. As mentioned before, if you would like to change settings with the broadcast for all your broadcasts please do it within the BoxCast Dashboard.

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