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What is the point of a 5 minute class?
What is the point of a 5 minute class?
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Being fit isn't about going hard or going home. It is about being consistent. If you’re short on time, a 5 minute workout is better than a 0 minute workout!

We’re also fans of stacking your classes so 5 minute classes are a great way to add extra spice to your exercise routine by popping say a 5 minute core on the end of a 15 minute BoxxCONDITIONING class.

And for those of you starting out on your fitness journey or getting back to exercise, studies show that it’s a good idea to start small, as you are more likely to keep it up! So why not try with 5 minutes and focus on showing up each week, then over time building it up to our longer sessions.

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