What are the Punch Pod metrics?
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Our Punch Pods measure the following:

Speed - your speed is shown in punches per minute. It shows, if you were continuously punch at that rate for 1 minute that is how many punches you would throw. Think of it almost like an accelerometer gauge in your car, as you speed up, you will see this number gradually increase, as you slow down you will see this number fall.

Count - this shows the total number of punches thrown from the beginning to end of class. This number will continue to increase throughout class and you can generally expect this number to be higher the longer the class.

Effort - This is a combination of your speed and power and shows the effort given for each punch thrown. The maximum you can through is 100%. The faster and more powerful the punch the higher the % shown. The beauty of this metric is, it is personal to everyone as we calculate your personalised effort zones when you first go through onboarding so 100% is based on your maximum speed and power not anyone else's.

This is the metric we use to calculate your Boxx points and what you will use to compete on the leaderboard, levelling the playing field for all.

Earn Boxx Points - These are calculated using your personal effort zones. You begin earning Boxx Points when you exert 50% or more effort. Your points are calculated depending on what effort zone you are in. See below:

The best way to experience the Punch Pod metrics is to give them a go. Currently 30 day returns period and a 30 day free trial on the Boxx+ app. Shop now to give them a go.

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