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I'm pregnant or just had a baby can I join a class?
I'm pregnant or just had a baby can I join a class?

Boxxing while pregnant

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Pregnant people from 12 weeks onwards typically continue exercising at the same level of intensity you were used to pre-pregnancy. However, as a general rule it is not encouraged to increase the intensity of your exercise once you are pregnant. Please let us know in advance of the classes you wish to attend.

If you’re postnatal you’re welcome to attend a class as soon as you have the go-ahead from a health professional (usually 6 weeks post birth) and you feel ready.

We don’t currently offer specific pre/ postnatal classes, but we do have some instructors with pre/ postnatal qualifications who can offer appropriate modifications to make their classes safe and fun for you! Please email us at if you have any questions or need reassurance.

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