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What different types of classes do you have?
What different types of classes do you have?

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We currently have 5 different class types:


A 45 minute sweat dripping class split between boxing and strength training paired with a high energy instructor to motivate you all the way through to the knockout round. Turn the lights down low. Turn the energy up. Get ready and hustle hard.

PUMP πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

A 45 minute weighted strength session focusing on strengthening and toning your body from head to toe. Think weights, supersets, reps, bands plus banging beats. You will finish off the class with a real good stretch to loosen up your tight and tired muscles to increase flexibility, mobility and to calm your mind.


A 45-minute class on our Align reformer beds that combines Pilates principles with the intensity of a full-body conditioning class. Pair that with some banging beats and Boxx vibes and there you have it. All levels welcome. Now let’s get into formation.


45-minute Yoga-inspired classes. You'll work on building strength, flexibility and balance, and work on your breath. Flow along to a playlist filled with soulful vibes to help you get in the zen. All levels welcome, modifications offered if needed. Note: Slow Flow classes expect to go at a slower place (perfect way to unwind).

Check out our schedule here to get yourself booked in!

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