Your trip will always last for 3 calendar days. BRB provides return flights and booked accommodation for 2 nights in your destination. For example, if you were to book a trip starting on a Friday you can expect to fly out on the Friday, stay for 2 nights in your destination and return on the Sunday.

What kind of accommodation do you book?

We guarantee accommodation of 3 stars and above, and won't book less than a 3/5 trip advisor rating. It's important to us that you have the perfect base to explore your surroundings from, but we don't expect you to be spending your time in the hotel except for sleeping!

Not included in your trip

Airport transfers to/from your accommodation
Food and drink
Extra baggage
Insurance (Travel or Health)
Visas & Valid travel documents (if you need support with this, reach out to us before making your booking)

Feedback 🗣

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