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Will I be trading in a live environment?
Will I be trading in a live environment?

Trading Environment

Updated yesterday

All trading during the Breakout Evaluation takes place in a live environment with notional funds.

Please note that in order to prevent latency arbitrage and other prohibited trading practices, all orders will be subject to a small amount of additional latency (500ms). This applies to all traders equally at all times across both the Breakout Evaluation and Breakout Account. We believe this to be necessary in order to mitigate against high frequency trading. Given the small amount of additional latency, we believe that normal users will be almost entirely unaffected. Latency and slippage arising as a result of any additional amount of time it takes for orders to be routed to and executed on the live market, including but not limited to the speed of internet connectivity and order routing, may adversely materially impact execution prices.

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