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Are there any prohibited trading practices?
Are there any prohibited trading practices?

Prohibited trading practices

Updated over a week ago

Prohibited trading practices include but are not limited to:

Exploiting errors or latency in the pricing provided by the broker.

Hedging trades across separate accounts registered with the platform.

High frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) that benefits from or relies on latency advantages and are not replicable in a live environment.

Use of a third-party strategy and/or a strategy marketed for the explicit purpose of passing an evaluation. This includes sharing your details with another party to trade the demo account in either the Breakout Evaluation stage or Breakout Account stage on your behalf.

We allow the use of expert advisors and algorithmic trading strategies that do not violate our prohibited trading practices rules.

Read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

If you’re unsure about a specific trading practice, please contact us via support.

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