In Breathe, you can integrate Payroll to your Xero account so you can maintain and manage your journals there.

Updates in Breathe Payroll Version 1.5.0 now allows you to update your General Ledger from Breathe Payroll to Xero right after completing a Pay Run. Simply enter your data in Step 1, move onto Step 2, and when Complete Pay Run finishes processing, you will be prompted by the system to choose whether you also want to update your Journals.

After submitting STP to ATO, you will be asked to choose to sync your General Ledger with Xero now, or later. Clicking on No will bring you back to the Payroll Dashboard. Clicking on Yes will let you connect to your Xero account and the system will perform the General Ledger sync on your behalf.

This new feature for Xero Journal integration will help you make sure that your General Ledger is updated the moment you complete your Pay Run, keeping you on top of your finances in Xero.

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