Version 1.3.0 has the following new features:

Employee tax details

Under Breathe Payroll, you will see a simpler set of data in Employee details > Tax tab. This way, you will only see relevant information for your pay run, like Employment type and Tax scale. You can also enter additional tax deductions for Annual assistance and Additional tax fields.

STP adjustments

We've streamlined the process and flow for running an STP adjustment. If you've subscribed to Breathe Payroll, you'll have the ability to make changes on your employee's year to date figures and post the updates to ATO. The redesigned page gives you clearer options, an easier way to navigate, and better clarity for the actions that you are doing for when you make adjustments on your employee's STP.

JobMaker history report

If your company is on the JobMaker hiring credit scheme (more information about it here), you can review your submissions under Reports > Pay Cycle Reports > Year To Date Pay Cycles. The report lists all the codes submitted within the start date and end date you select. This may be able to support you with your claims from ATO when receiving the financial credit for your new hires applicable for claim under the JMHC scheme.

Year End, STP Adjustments and Leave Balance Import Success

A minor fix was introduced to resolve some validation issues that may prevent users from completing the following activities in Breathe Payroll:

  • Employees > STP Adjustment Submissions

  • Employees > Import Leave Balance submissions

  • Reports > Year End Submissions

There will no longer be an unnecessary error message that will hinder your ability to proceed until success.

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