Welcome to our people user guide, for the ultimate intro to Breathe. If you're an employee, a contractor, or a volunteer, this guide is for you!

Log in

  1. Open our welcome email. It’ll either come from your registered admin user or a Breathe email address. Go ahead and click on the URL to start.

  2. Enter your work email address, choose a password then click Log in:

Save time and bookmark the login page in your browser.

Note: We won’t discriminate between browsers and search engines. Feel free to pick the one that works for you and scroll with it.

Oops – forgotten your password?

It happens – we’re only human. To get back on track, simply click the Reset your password link on the log in page. We’ll email you a password reset link in a flash.

My dashboard

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll land on your dashboard screen:

This is where you’ll find important company announcements, and a snapshot view of your leave allowance, one-to-ones, performance goals, company documents, courses to complete (included with Breathe's Learn module) and more.

Community and Kudos

Shout out to your team and celebrate success with Kudos in our Community tab:

Speak up and get noticed

Lightbulb moment? Nice. We’ve found that company suggestions are always better when they come from the people who do the work. Simply click on the lightbulb and make a suggestion:


What else does your toolbar offer?

  • My profile: This is all about you. Safely store and instantly update data by uploading to our servers in the cloud. It’s nice up there.

  • Company: Home to all company information, such as announcements, documents, and company goals.

  • Calendar: Never double book again. Avoid leave conflicts and check your teams’ requests via the company leave calendar.

Manage your leave

There’s more than one reason why this is our most popular feature:

  • Instantly find out how much leave you have left.

  • Book and request leave anywhere at any time. We’ll help you by nudging your line manager with an automated email. Once the request is confirmed, you’ll receive another email with their response.

Request a one-to-one

Want to check you’re on track with deliverables? In need of a debrief or performance review? Great. Request a one-to-one, select the date and time, then click request a one-to-one:

Sit back and wait for your line manager’s acceptance.

Adding objectives and deliverables

Want to stay on top of your performance within the business? Not a problem! Manager or add your personal objectives and deliverables and notify your manager of any key performance objectives and deliverables you have for the week, month, quarter or year! You can also discuss your performance goals to an upcoming one to one. First step, click add new objective:


While you’re here, be sure to check out the latest uploaded company documents:

We’ll notify you with an email what documents you need to read by the deadline.


If the Learn module is enabled as part of your Breathe solution, employees will be able to access different courses that HR has assigned to them. To view the courses that you need to complete, simply click view courses and select the course you wish to complete. Happy learning!

Time Logs

Do you need to keep track of how much overtime you're doing, document how much work has been done for a particular project, calculate how much time bill a client for, and/or, record over time hours worked? With Breathe time logs, you can add a new time log to keep track of things with ease!

Location Updates

Update your location via Breathe's location update feature to ensure that HR is aware where you're at for the day! Select your location for the day, and update location.


View your profile to access to all of your details, leave requests, sickness logs, and people management. Update your address, emergency contact details, medical history and more.

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